Textile Finishing Machine

Textile Finishing Machine Italy

Textile Finishing machine Italy

Textile Finishing Machine and complete treatment lines Italy

ESSICO S.r.l. has offered technologically advanced high quality solutions for the finishing of textile products since 1973 and latest developments.
Essico supplies both individual machines and complete treatment lines for Textile Finishing Machine.
Our textile machinery for each number of chambers.
The ongoing increase in energy costs and the need to respect the environment, so we reducing environmental impact and ad hoc fabric passes.
We supply both individual machines and complete treatment lines.
Our target accompanied by top weaving machine, just invest in a reliable, durable and top quality efficient product for each requirement: open width, fabric
and woven fabric woven or knitted.
Choose ESSICO Srl Textile Finishing Machine as your partner! Discover our product range for technical textiles in order to obtain the best finishing textile with no residual shrinkage and for the optimal textile manufacturing.
We deal with: knitted fabric, finishing machinery, open width knits, finishing machines and also all kind of natural fibers.
specialized in industrial drying, our Textile Finishing Machine as for service and fabrics are suitable for:

  • TRADITIONAL FABRICS: Complete line of machines for the finishing of knit fabric: hydro-extraction, drying, heat setting, polymerisation and compaction.
  • TECHNICAL FABRICS: Complete line of machines of technical fabrics and non-woven fabrics: impregnation, drying, polymerisation and thermal bonding.
  • SERVICE & SPARE PARTS: ESSICO original spare parts and the upgrade and transformation service of existing machines.

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Textile Finishing Machine
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