The Company

Essico S.r.l. was founded in 1973 in Paderno Dugnano, an industrial area North of Milan. It began in the textile machinery market, specialising in the manufacturing of drying and thermosetting systems and accessories for the textile industry.

In 1977, it was the first company in the world to patent the vibrating conveyor belt dryer, firstly for the tumbler effect and then with sine wave ventilation, giving a remarkable impulse to the dimensional stability with a soft and voluminous touch, all with just one treatment, which until then, had been carried out through complicated procedures on several machines. In 1983, it introduced the Air Ballooning technology with the tubular knit fabric conveyor belt squeezing machine that favoured the passage from the tubular form to flat form, avoiding knit fabric tension, improving the grain line and removing the typical spirality in tubular knit fabric.

Already after the first years in business, the company, besides the domestic market, approached foreign markets, Europe, North and South Africa.

In the 80s, it also began to establish itself in the USA. The development of markets in the 90s pushed the company towards the area of Asia and India.

The preparation and long experience acquired over these years, working on both the domestic and international market, enable Essico S.r.l. to design, manufacture and export technologically advanced machines, able to meet multiple specific needs all over the world.