For woven and open knitted fabrics, used after the processes of dyeing and / or washing to remove most of the water / liquid present on the fabric and uniform the moisture contained in it.

Differentiated build according to use: for high squeezing padder and impregnation padder.

Structure extremely robust and compact can be realized, either in painted iron than in stainless steel. Powered by energy efficient motors and inverter-controlled, synchronized via dancer equalizer.

Depending on the fields of use, it can be equipped with different types of tanks, also heated ones. Maximum linear pressure 50 kg/cm. The cylinders can be covered with different types of rubber, according to customer requirements.


Two large diameter cylinders, with standard construction in case of squeezing padder, or with special cylinders equal-pressure type for even squeezing on all of the table width in the case of impregnation padder.


In the case of in-line applications squeezing and impregnation, it is expected the use of a double unit suitably equipped, generally in conjunction with the stenter entry.