The possible applications for the E40 hotflue can be:

  • Pre-dryer
  • Drying after padder impregnation
  • Drying after continuous dyeing with the THERMOSOL system, combined with an infrared ray pre-drying area
  • Polymeriser
  • Drying machine after-treatment polymeriser.

The advantages of the machine are:

  • Balanced and unvarying ventilation
  • Unvarying temperature,
  • Perfect colour uniformity in both width and length
  • Robust and simple build
  • Excellent thermal insulation and minimum energy requirement
  • Easy access,
  • Practically no maintenance,
  • Modularity,
  • Reduced distance between upper and lower cylinders for creaseless production
  • Aair filters externally removable, for easy cleaning without interrupting production

The E40 Hotflue, thanks to the accurate ventilation and temperature control, is able to execute all tasks as required. grazie al controllo accurato della ventilazione e della temperatura, consente di svolgere le mansioni affidategli come richiesto. The high efficiency insulating panels and the control of the exhaust air discharge minimize energy consumption. Main heating systems can be used. The circulating air is always heated uniformly, regardless of the heating system used. The heat chamber extends across the entire width of the machine.

An important feature is the system used to synchronise the various fabric drive cylinders inside the chamber. Synchronism has been created with an electronic system, through feedback from the fabric during its course; each minimum pull is processed and corrected by the CPU.

The drive cylinders can be controlled by a single control or individual control and controlled by an inverter.

Fabric content may vary from 45 to 135 mt according to process needs.

The E40 Hotflue increases dyeing performance and enhances colour development, while minimising off-tone problems.